Bishop Armstrong is privileged to look after clients with significant assets. They should expect us, or any Wealth Manager, to have a robust investment process. However we believe they should also expect the following:

• To know the person who is making the investment decisions

• To be able to contact this person easily

• To know that this person will not be changed

Phil Bishop founded Bishop Armstrong having attracted clients from some larger Wealth Management firms.

He will conduct your initial meeting and remain with you throughout your financial journey.

He believes passionately that a personal service backed by substantial investment expertise is the key to developing and deepening client relationships.


Embedded in our decisions is the cost of each of the underlying funds selected for your portfolio.

We believe in paying for quality in some areas and keeping costs to a minimum in others.


Your portfolios are reviewed at least annually, your attitude to risk re-appraised and your investments rebalanced accordingly.

At this stage we can supply as much or as little information and commentary as you require.


Get a Clear Understanding of What a Pot of Money Should be Doing

For example, a Pension plan is likely to have different aims to a school fees plan. The underlying portfolios are therefore likely to differ too.

Agree a Risk Strategy

We discuss and agree the appropriate level of risk for each of the different pots in your Financial Plan. You are made aware of the potential upsides and downsides.

Construct a Portfolio

The returns on any portfolio are heavily determined by the mix of Asset Classes within it.

Diversification is not just a combination of different types of shares.

Bishop Armstrong’s portfolios draw on the following Asset Classes:

UK Equities, Bonds, Overseas Equities, Commercial Property, Emerging Market Equities, Cash, Gilts, Alternatives.

Behind each of these, we can select from a range of thousands of different funds from the major Investment Groups around the world.

Different Funds and Fund Groups are researched, analysed and regularly filtered.

Our structured research draws on global forces in Investment Planning and is cross referenced by independent specialists.